Something about KUON YI

ˇ@ˇ@KUON YI is a specialist manufacturer of connectors for the electronics industry. We have 39 years experience in the development and production of professional, industrial, and high grade consumer items, including USB A . B type sockets ˇBUSB  A  type PCB sockets ˇB Mini USB B type sockets ˇB Mini USB 8 pin sockets ˇBMicro USB  AB . B type sockets ˇB IEEE 1394 A type 4 . 6 pin sockets ˇB Mini Din jacks ˇBEarphone jacks ˇB  RCA jacks ˇB DC power jacks ˇB F connectors ˇBIEC connectors ˇB Antenna  jacks ˇB Mcx  jacks  and much else, mainly used on I/O PC boards. These products are all made in our own factories, located in Taiwan and mainland China, where we employ more than 1000 people.

ˇ@ˇ@Since obtaining certification to ISO-9001.ISO-14001, We have made a special point of strict adherence to its requirements. We thereby maintain a very high standard of product quality indeed. By adding to this a culture of unstinting service, allied to competitive pricing, we have acquired an enviable reputation with our customers world-wide. We therefore feel confident that we can fulfil your highest expectations, should you do us the favour of entering into business relations with our company.

Our product in accordance to the world environmental protection tidal current to conform to in the European Union electron electrical machinery equipment to harm the matter is durable instruction RoHS Directive(2002/95/EC)( Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substance in Electrical and Electronic Equipment , RoHS )prescribed by customers .